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Student-issued devices offer many benefits to the modern-day learner, including access to learning materials both in the classroom and at home and the ability to engage in real-time inquiry as questions arise.  Laptops support project-based learning, allowing students to research, collaborate, and produce a final product to share with teachers, peers, and parents.  Besides increasing student engagement and improving organizational skills, providing laptops for all students also ensures equitable access to digital tools for all Riverview students.

Repair Procedure

In an effort to further reduce student fees Riverview School District is moving to a self-insured repair model for the 2019-2020 school year.


Please review the Repair Cost Table for both accidental and Negligent costs.

Repair Cost Table


apParent Online:  

apParent allows a parent to view a student's laptop screen outside of school hours for monitoring purposes.  New functionality includes setting useable hours, and time lapse recordings of the laptop screen - all from your smartphone.  This is an opt-in service, available to all parents / guardians listed in the Skyward system.  PLEASE NOTE - You must verify and use your email address on record in Skyward for the app to work. 

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Skooler integrates Office 365 and other applications for maximum teacher & technology efficiency.  It also enhances communication between teachers, students, and parents. 

Skooler is part of the RSD Core 4 Technology Tools.  Learn all about the Core 4 and Skooler:

RSD Core 4

Skooler Information


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Class Policy: 

Class Policy is a device management software installed on both teacher and student laptops.  Teachers can launch specific websites or applications during class on student devices, as well as limit applications to keep students on task or for assessment purposes.



School Data Sync synchronizes teacher and student rosters so our device management  applications automatically know when classes start and end and which students are in each class. 

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