Assessment or Assignment?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

What is the difference?

Assignments are designed to utilize the full functionality of online workflow (meaning it is delivered, collected, and graded in Skooler). When an Assignment is created, it has a due date (default 7 days out), and Skooler posts the assignment (based on publish date) to all selected classes / students. The Assignment is then also written to individual student OneDrive accounts as this is where student work is automatically saved. When the due dates hit, Skooler retrieves student assignments from OneDrive; the teacher provides feedback and grades the assignment; and this information is automatically sent to the Skooler gradebook and re-written back to Skyward. Note: Use Assessment and not Assignment if you need a quick, manual gradebook entry.

Assessments are the traditional gradebook entries staff are used to making. To accommodate traditional gradebook usage, teachers can default the Assignments and Assessments window to Assessment for the purpose of immediate gradebook scoring. Just click the star in the left hand corner of the Assessment box.

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