Grade Write-Back to Skyward

We are happy to report that our initial testing with Skyward / NWRDC is moving along well. This part of the project required development work with all parties involved. Both Skyward and WSIPC actively support districts using a Learning Management System that can be integrated back to their systems.

Tonight we will do some additional testing on a set of classes and look at what additional components we need to be aware of. For example, what if a teacher changes a grade in Skooler, an assignment is deleted in Skooler, or a grade is changed?

We can look at write-back in two ways:

  1. We write a final grade back to Skyward for reporting purposes - either report card or required reporting back to OSPI.

  2. We write each assignment back to Skyward as well as the current and final grades.

RSD is working on the second option as we believe this is the more powerful solution in the long run.

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