"My Grades Are Gone!"

Sorry for the false alarm. The weekend updates for the Gradebook are still running. All grades for assignments and assessments are still there, just updating the views.

Detailed posts on changes this week will be up this weekend. Enjoy the sunshine!

STATUS: RESOLVED @ 1:32 PM 9.21.19:

"Sorry about causing a panic on a Saturday morning. The changes are well tested, but we were tripped up by a small variation in how the grading system for points is defined. We will set up our test environment to reflect your structure in order to prevent this in future updates."

STATUS: UPDATE @ 12:59 PM 9.21.19:

"We have located and fixed the error. It was a difference in the grading system setup between our development and test environments that made it impossible for me to re-create the error in our own environments, everything was behaving as expected there.

The build and release process should take about 30 minutes, and I will let you know once I have verified that everything is working as expected for your teachers."

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