Skooler, Skyward, NWRDC - Huh?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

RSD IT has designed a system that focuses on privacy, integration, and connection. Skooler works as an integrated software LMS. What does this mean? Simply put, we use the data from NWRDC/Skyward, which is our state Student Information System (SIS), to make more robust solutions that integrate with the more advanced technologies used in Riverview.

NWRDC will always be a solution the best serves their purpose - state reporting. They cannot possibly extend this data to the variety of tools used in different schools and districts - that is our work.

Below is an image of integrated software tools used in Riverview:

Will everyone use Skooler? Yes, in some capacity. Specific building administrative staff will also always use NWRDC data for certain reporting requirements, but there are also tools in Skooler for them: a quick glance at the district and building calendar, a quick glance at attendance, 3rd Party Apps, and the private media integration of Vidigami.

"Someone said Skyward is going away - is this true?" Yes and No. NWRDC is not going away. Skyward is going away. We have an opportunity to be in front of this change by building an integrated software solution. Staff that focus on NWRDC data will receive the appropriate training on the replacement of Skyward when the time comes.

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