Student-Issued Devices


Digital technologies are a critical component of a 21st century education, supporting skill sets and competencies with direct application to the modern world.  All students, regardless of socio-economic or cultural background, must be able to access technology to develop the technological fluency required for participation in a global economy.  As an educational tool, technology is an accelerator, enabling powerful teaching and student-centered learning environments.




  • TMS 8th grade science and math teachers pilot the use of mobile carts.

  • Planning committee gathers research, visits other districts using student-issued devices, and crafts policies and procedures for a successful rollout in Riverview.



  • Carts added to all 8th grade core subject areas at Tolt.

  • Carts added to math and science classes at Cedarcrest High School.

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  • Riverview transitions to student-issued devices for all Tolt, CHOICE, and PARADE (grades 5~12) students.

  • ​Carts from the middle school deployed to grade 3~5 elementary classrooms.


  • Devices issued to all Cedarcrest students, grades 9~12. 

  • 2018 Levy supports full implementation of student-issued devices at the secondary level.

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  • Collaboration between Information Technology, Student Services, and Teaching and Learning departments.

  • Tech-focused professional learning days for staff members.

  •  Job-embedded learning for teachers on the use of technology in the classroom provided by instructional coaches. 

  • Onsite IT technicians for troubleshooting needs.

  • Building-level technology leads to model technology usage and communicate building IT needs.

  • Student-run IT help desk (in development).