Skooler LMS

Riverview is pleased to introduce the new Skooler Learning Management System (LMS), that has been in development for the past year.  Skooler is a tool that automates the workflow of classroom assignments, and connects the classroom work of teacher and student with parents and guardians.  We are looking forward to a soft roll-out this fall, with expanded use throughout the school year.

Staff and students have a personal dashboard.


Parents and guardians also have a custom dashboard.  To get started, we must have updated email address information in Skyward.  You can use that as your validation when registering for the website.  Parents can also download the mobile app for their personal devices to receive alerts.

Get registered with these simple steps:

Go to

Click Take me to the registration to send an activation code.





























Enter your email address, then click Look me up and register me:











Check your email, and enter your confirmation code:






















Set your new password:













Welcome to your Parent Dashboard:


























Having problems accessing? 


  • Please login to Skyward and verify your email address. 

  • Teachers are also able to send you a link directly if you provide them with your preferred email address.

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