SKOOLER Frequently Asked Questions


Progressive school districts need both a Student Information System (SIS) and a Learning Management System (LMS). Our Student Information System (Skyward) is a state-required system for storing and reporting educational data. Our Learning Management System (Skooler) bridges district technology tools with the Student Information System to create a consistent user experience. Skooler focuses on:

  • Protecting student privacy.

  • Integration/alignment throughout our system.

  • Connects users to district technology tools.



The Riverview School District will be scaling back the required use of specific components of the Skooler Learning Management System (LMS) for school staff. 


Updated 10.8.19

Where am I going to get my student information?

Parents/guardians can continue to access all student information in Skyward.

I have a Skooler app on my phone. Can I continue to use that to access my student’s classroom information?

Yes, depending on the teacher. Skooler is optional for teachers at this time.

Will teachers still be using Skooler?

Why is the district adopting a learning management system?

Riverview School District has been building integrated software solutions to enhance the use of student-issued devices.  Skooler is built on top of our Office 365 tools and connects teachers, students, and parents with a focus on student privacy.  Skooler streamlines information and communication so users are going to one application across the K-12 system rather than numerous apps that vary school to school and teacher to teacher.

What is the difference between Skyward and Skooler, and why can't we just use Skyward?

Skyward is our Student Information System, or SIS.  It is our regulated data source for student, family, and staff information.  Skyward is used for state reporting.

With Skooler we are able to use Skyward data to create dynamic tools for use in the classroom and modern technology now in the hands of every student.

Why Skooler?

Skooler is a leading developer of learning management systems based out of Norway.  We had a unique opportunity two years ago to partner with them to help develop a solution that would fit in the North American educational market.  The partnership evolved from our focus on privacy, integration, and connection - the philosophy behind Technology in Riverview.  Here is a model of our integration.

How do I login and get started with Skooler?

Because Skooler is fully integrated with Office 365, staff and students will use their same Office 365 credentials (email address and password/computer login) to login to Skooler.  Parents and guardians will use their own credentials provided in Skyward. 

Is there an app available for my mobile device?

Yes, in addition to the full computer dashboard, Skooler has mobile apps available for both Apple and Android devices.

When will I receive training on Skooler?

Skooler training will be a focus area on our August Digital Days.  We will also provide ongoing support throughout the school year, especially as new features are added.  In addition, teachers will have access to a library of self-paced training videos, and IT is working on a replica environment that will allow teachers to be added as students for the purpose of becoming familiar with the interface and workflow. 

What are some of the features of Skooler?

Skooler has a wide array of amazing capabilities that not only streamline the workflow of teachers and students, but also allow for more collaborative partnerships with parents/guardians as well as more intentional teaching with the ability to track learning standards and monitor student progress.  For the first year of implementation, teachers will utilize the Skooler dashboard to access district and building calendars, enter grades and attendance, and communicate with parents/guardians.  Teachers who are interested may also explore some of the more transformational features of Skooler, the integration of our state standards, digital curriculum, photo and media galleries, assignments and assessments, connections to class notebooks and teams through O365, ILPs, planning, quizzes, and much more.

How do I access Skooler?

It is different for staff / student and parent / guardian.  Staff and students login here (you will be automatically logged in if you have the Office 365 portal open).  Parents login here.

There are custom links to additional apps on my Skooler dashboard - can I add or modify them?


No.  These applications are determined by the district as quick links to resources outside of Skooler.  Applications can be customized by any combination of school, grade level, subject area, or role (Staff, Student, or Parent).  If you would like additional apps to be added please send a note to

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