What Happens With Student Laptops Over Summer?

What happens with student laptops over summer?


Many students have expressed the desire to keep their laptop over the summer months.  The district is supportive of this so that students can remain engaged with summer opportunities being offered through the Teaching and Learning department.  

Check out the Summer Offerings!

If students wish to keep their laptop:

Parents sign the summer release form and return by Wednesday, June 13th.  Forms have been sent home with students. The form can also be found here.


If students do not wish to keep their laptop:

If a student does not return a summer release form, IT will be collecting their laptop in the last week of school.  Students will receive the same laptop at the start of the next school year.

Not returning to Riverview:

If your student is not returning to Riverview School District, please return the laptop to the LRC so it can be checked in and released from the student.  If laptops are not returned, families will be charged the full replacement fee.